The One Computer Classroom

So you only have one or two computers in your classroom and you have no idea what to do? A single computer can be used as a presentation tool, a tool for generation or production of student work, a cooperative learning tool, and an in-class information resource.


Resources For the One Computer Classroom

- Ideas & Tips -

One Computer as a Classroom Tool

Reaching Your Class

Computer Use Advise

101 Activities for One Computer Classroom

One Computer & 25 Students

Troubleshooting Tips

Only One Comuter?

Teaching & Learning With One Computer




- Strategies -

Issues to Making the Most of One Computer

How do I get 30 Kids on One Computer?

But I don't Have A Computer Lab?

Strategies and Applications

How to Survive a One Computer Classroom

What Can I do With One Computer?


- Classroom Management -

Techniques For Managing the One Computer Classroom

Tips for Classroom Management

Classroom Management Ideas


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